October 2023

Hi friend!

Time flies when you’re having fun. It’s been quite the month for us at Triangle Interactive. We’ve brought on new organizers, created a new content team, and moved into our coworking space at 800 Park Offices Drive!

What shall you find in this newsletter? Well…

New Newsletter Authors? What happened to Michael?!

Fear not, for Michael is still around and will have his occasional contributions to Triangle Interactive newsletter.

We, Crystina Halcyon (pronouns she/her) and Maggie H. (any pronouns), will be the main contributors to this newsletter going forward.

I love chess, math, trail skating, and animation. Not a “big gamer,” I was recently surprised to discover how much I liked game jammin’, and want to do it again. I volunteer weekly for causes I care about, including this interactive arts community.

I’m a writer, producer, and lover of well-done interactive experiences. I like learning new things, from automating day job tasks to playing the fiddle. I play co-op games with friends, volunteer at the local game developer meetups, and hike through local nature reserves.

We’re excited to connect with all of you!

Spotlight: NOPE Challenge

Nope is a valid response to facing your fears

What’s that chill in the air? It must be the wind. It has to be. Right?

Joe and his team want YOU to face your fears in their new VR game, NOPE Challenge.

Currently under development, these intrepid developers are looking for 100 beta testers to give their feedback. Find out how to get involved by joining their Discord!

Probably want to have your self-care routine ready to go after a session.

Upcoming Events

Oak City Indie Games returns December 9th at Frontier RTP

Awesome turnout during Oak City Indie Games 2022. Your project could be one of those shown during this year’s event!

Oak City Indie Games1 has become a staple of ending the year off right in the Triangle region. Mark your calendar for a spectacular afternoon of…

Got a game you want to show off? Submissions are due November 9th!

You, or someone you know, interested in sponsoring the event? Hit reply to this or email us: hello@triangleinteractivearts.org.

Triangle Interactive Events

Other Community Events

October Events Recap

Oct 20: IGDA-NC Triangle and TIAC Partnered Up for Open Mic Night

David, Interim Chairman of IGDA-NC Triangle chapter, talks about his journey into games to a captive audience.

Last Friday, we had students, developers, studio founders, and development enthusiasts come together to learn from each other. At times, attendees were vulnerable in their topics, especially with the concern of current events.

Coworking Gone Spooky!

What’s a better way to end October than with a costume party! Frontier RTP hosted an Out-Of-Office (spOOOky) Halloween + Pumpkin Carving party October 26th and Triangle Interactive got in on the ghoulish festivities.

Halloween buddies who costume together carve together. It’s just scientific fact.

What's spookier? The specter of unfinished work, or the ghost of abandoned projects? Are you the type that usually does your game dev or interactive artwork at home? Maybe you're feeling a bit stuck, or worse yet - bored? Come get work done in a supportive environment where we make (mostly scheduled) time for play!

If you are interested in more information about our coworking space, email us: hello@triangleinteractivearts.org.

Talk to you next time!
- Crystina and Maggie

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