Lovingly crafted by the Triangle Interactive Arts Collective in North Carolina, Hextable is a one-of-a-kind party game bash that takes place on a colorful hexagonal tabletop. It's probably the only place you can find top-down, six-sided, six-player, single-button arcade minigame mayhem. Our indie games collective is adding new games and experiments to Hextable all the time!

We built Hextable just for fun - we hope it left you with a smile and some good memories! Let us know if you're interested in commissioning one for your space.


Horseradish: Peckish Peckish Ponies - Eat root vegetables to score points, kick veggies at your enemies to make them loose points. Inspired by a popular toy featuring famished megaherbivores.

Hammer Disco - Try your best to drive in as many nails as you can on a mesmerizing spinning orb. Your head may be shaped like a hammer, but can you hold up in the big dance?

Bowling Jump - Ah, the simple joy of Jumping at the Right Time. You've got three chances to avoid being hit by tricky bowling balls. Try not to hit the gutter.

Dizzy Arrows - You ever spin a little bit too much and then try to race your friends? This is kinda like that!

BuzzyDunk - Lock into the groove and sink some baskets.

Phalanx - Shield at the right time to reach the slime.

Hextable Credits

Hextable is a collaborative project, with contributions from lots of people.

Software & Project Management:

Horseradish: Peckish Peckish Ponies

Hammer Disco

Bowling Jump

Dizzy Arrows



Original Hardware Build:

Hextable's Origin Story

Hextable was made during Global Game Jam 2023. Michael was inspired by the top-down style of the game Circumnavigators from MAGfest's indie arcade. We wanted to make a similar concept for six players using an old hexagon-shaped table and other recycled materials that were lying around.

Michael teamed up with Joshitha, Simon, Matt, and Ian to make Horseradish: Peckish Peckish Ponies over the course of the Global Game Jam weekend. The table hardware and painting were completed over the next couple weeks. The most difficult design problem was finding a 5:4 monitor that was viewable from all angles and fit inside of the frame of the table! 

We kept talking about adding more games and eventually the design converged on a minigame rush for six players, where each player takes the role of one hexagon corner. The physicality of running around the table from the original inspiration was dropped, but we found a groove with approachable one-button minigames.

Featured at:

East Coast Game Conference  (April 2023)

Zenith Raleigh Game Dev Night (April 2023)

Triangle Interactive Arts Collective - Monthly Playtest Nights (2023)

Stream Raleigh - Streamer Networking Party (September 2023)

Oak City Indie Games Showcase (December 2023)

MAGfest Indie Arcade (January 2024)

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